Just Call Me the Event Planning Bag Lady!


Any event planner will tell you that sometimes it is absolutely necessary to carry what seems like a million things with you.  Whether it is the day of an event, a consult with a new client or a site visit for an event that is a year out, you always seem to have a ton of things on your shoulders as well as in your hands.  Who wants to look like that awkward person fumbling with 10 bags? I sure do not.  In an effort to consolidate, I went on a hunt for the perfect tote bag to put all of my things in.  Although tote bags are the new “it” thing for the  eco-conscious set, most of them are not shaped correctly or sturdy enough to properly hold your precious event materials. So what is this little ole event planning diva to do?

Lucky for me, one of my favorite former professors at NYU – Annette Babich – recently created a handbag line that is perfect for the working lady (or man) who is constantly on the go.  As a busy event professional, she understands the struggle of having to juggle multiple items at all times and felt there was a need for the perfect carryall.   She was kind enough to send me her signature “Life is an Event” tote bag and boy am I grateful! I have already used it a few times and was able to fit a ton inside while being able to stay chic. I like it so much that I wanted to spread the word! You can purchase the one I received as well as two other versions on her website http://annettebabich.com/tote.html. Stay Chic!

Tote Bag inside

tote bag outside