Should the Show Still Go On?

Boston SkylineMy heart goes out to those in Boston who were injured, killed and/or dealing with the shocking events that have transpired over the course of this week.  The entire city is on lock down while they search for the second suspect in the bombing and residents are not allowed to think about leaving their homes until they catch him. While watching the news reports, I began to wonder, what if you had a huge convention or event taking place and something like this happens. What do you do?

I looked on the Boston CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) website yesterday and on the homepage were a few sentences notifying visitors that almost every venue and hotel was open for business with the exception of two. Apparently it was business as usual.  When I checked again today, I noticed that the same message was posted.  Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the entire city on lock down? How can it be business as usual? I understand the city’s need to continue operations to generate revenue however, at what point do we make the call to cancel events due to unforeseen and tragic circumstances?

In a situation like what occurred at the marathon, an event planned at nearby venues could possibly be cancelled with minimal penalties due to force majure.  Basically it’s up to the planners and the decision makers responsible for an event to make the call as to whether to postpone, cancel or just let the event continue in spite of what is happening around them.  Obviously if something horrific takes place at the venue where you are hosting your event, the decision is simple; You will cancel your event. You wont have a choice. However, if the event takes place at a reasonable distance what would you do? Is is disrespectful to host an event when people are still recovering from a bombing and scared for their safety? Or does it show the city’s resilience to move forward in spite of what is taking place around them? Would you still attend an event if you had already arrived into town or would you skip it?

What do you think? Speak on it?




The Lonely Event Traveler

As I sat alone eating my three chipotle shrimp tacos at a west coast Westin in the desert, I realized that traveling for business is far less glamorous than what I imagined growing up.  I thought I would travel to exotic locations, waited on hand and foot,  luxuriate with friends on someone else’s dime and oh… get some work done eventually. In reality, traveling for work means a lot of high wifi fees just to access your email remotely, sitting in airports for hours because of delays and airplanes even longer because some woman in first class decides she absolutely must to get off before we take off, checking into amazing hotel rooms and open your window to find that you have a view of the dumpster and the parking lot, lots of long days with meetings and most importantly spending a lot of time alone!

Even though it can be a little lonely traveling for work, I love every moment of it for one very important reason; The end result is an amazing event.


Heart Knows How – Jem Warren

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your career and didn’t know which path to take? I sure have. It took a lot of courage to start my own business and follow my dreams. No matter how much may stand in your way, follow your heart and you’ll never make the wrong choice. Check out this song by artist Jem Warren. Love the message! You can check out his upcoming show dates on the link below.