If These Event Walls Could Talk…

It is not often that you meet someone who inspires you to fight against all odds and follow the road less traveled toward your own success. In 2012, I had the pleasure of taking a Special Event Management course -my first course in the NYU Meeting, Conference and Event Management certificate program- taught by Annette Babich; a 20 year veteran in the event industry.  While we did learn the fundamentals of special event planning, Annette also made sure to share her wisdom and crazy stories from her years planning events.

I left her class feeling like I could definitely start my own event planning business and eventually leave the 9-5pm corporate world behind me. She inspired me to go for it and I hope she can inspire you as well. I asked Annette recently to share some of her insight  with my readers. Check out what she had to say below.

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Wait!!! You Did WHAT With That Lemon??

So I was on my way to an event when I realized I had a run in my tights.  WTH Lord Why Meeeeeeee (dramatic I know) was what I said as I felt the 10 degree wind seeping through the tiny holes onto my skin. I immediately dove into my pocketbook arsenal and pulled out my clear nail polish which temporarily saved the evening.  When I got home I wondered what other everyday items could be used to save me in a cinch when attending an event.  Check out my top 5 items that will change your life forever 🙂  Continue reading