A Little Rain Won’t Stop the Show!

ImageThe date is set, invitations have gone out, decor has been ordered and all vendors have been contracted.  It is a few days before your special event and the planning is complete  You sit back and turn on the TV only to hear your local news meteorologist announce that a category 2 hurricane is headed your way. WHAAAAAAAAATTT!!! You immediately go into panic mode trying to decide what to do since there is a possibility the storm could head in another direction.  “Oh please we never get hit that hard. The media always exaggerates” is what you say to yourself.

Do you cancel the event or take a chance that the storm will pass you by?

As an event planner, it is imperative to have a plan B and even a plan C on standby when coordinating EVERY event.  However back up plans are taken to another level when we are dealing with mother nature unleashing her fury! You may think it is a good idea to to take a chance with the event by ignoring forecasts and hoping for the best but chances are you will regret that decision. The only way to guarantee your protection in a situation like Hurricane Sandy (that recently destroyed the NY tri-State area and shut down everything) is to purchase event insurance mainly event cancellation insurance.

Event insurance is a huge component to any event no matter the size. It provides protection for everyone when situations like Hurricane Sandy come your way.  There are many different types of insurance you could purchase so it is best to educate yourself to determine the best fit for you. Also keep in mind that you do not have to be an event professional to protect yourself with insurance.  Many insurance companies who have event insurance include celebration insurance.  This will cover you for events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, retirements etc.

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Planning for an emergency situation is as important as the event itself.  You can never be too sure of how mother nature will behave the day of your fête so it’s much better to be safe and covered than sorry and rained out.


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